Milton Public Library to showcase the work of talented weaver, Debbie Elliot, during January in the Wotiz Gallery

Debbie Elliot looms
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Wotiz Gallery to feature work of talented weaver throughout January

The Milton Public Library will be hosting the work of talented weaver, Debbie Elliot, during the month of January in the Wotiz Gallery, from January 2nd, 2018 through January 31st, 2018.  This exhibit will include both framed woven works and wall rugs.  The wall rugs are created in the style of a traditional Norwegian weaving structure called Krokbragd (pronounced kroke-brahg).  The artist explores the intersection of pattern and color in this lovely display.  This is not a complicated weave, but it is a slow process requiring three passes of the shuttle to create one pattern row.  Krokbragd uses only three shafts or harnesses on the loom and the pattern shapes are both simple and modern.  Each piece is made with natural fibers of cotton in the warp and wool for the weft.  Debbie has woven the small framed works from original patterns by Bertha Gray Hayes, who designed 72 overshot weaving patterns in Rhode Island between 1933 and 1947.  She invites the viewer to look closely at the miniature designs in a weave structure called Overshot, which was also a traditional favorite weaving structure of early Colonial days.  This work is woven with cotton in the warp and both cotton and wool in the weft.  This collection of work has all been created on a four-harness loom.

The artist considers weaving an expression of both function and beauty.  Although deeply rooted in tradition, weaving is also modern and contemporary.  It is a slow process and the limitless potential of color, pattern and texture of the basic over-under structure provides a continued link to the future.  By making something to last in our fast-moving culture, she feels that she can contribute to the great legacy of weavers from the past.  In this exhibit, she introduces two traditional but very different weave structures that she hopes viewers will see, enjoy and then come away with a fresh idea of a very old artform.  Ms. Elliot is a Milton-based artist and a former teacher.  She has exhibited her handweaving and her ceramic work in both California and Massachusetts.  Her pottery has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, and her handwoven pieces are on permanent display at the Massachusetts Statehouse.  To contact her, Email [email protected]   For more information on applying for an exhibit at the Library, contact Jean Hlady, Adult Services Librarian, at (617) 698-5757, x. 3 or Email [email protected]     Please come view this unique and colorful display in January at 476 Canton Avenue, Milton.

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