Milton mom raises money for soccer players in financial need

FC Blazers following 2016 State FinalFC Blazers following 2016 State Final
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Milton mom raises money for soccer players in financial need

Every year, Milton mom Catherine King’s works to raise money for the FC Blazers soccer program.

FC Blazers is a soccer club – smaller than the majority of soccer clubs in the area with over 60% of players who receive Financial Aid in the form of reduced fees.

“We do this in order to enable players from diverse backgrounds to play at a highly competitive level that they otherwise could not afford, given the high fees involved in club sports.

The training is run completely by our Director Of Coaching, Francis Okaroh who is present at virtually all of our training sessions. We do a lot of fundraising to support his mission of developing players to play at the college level and beyond. We have two teams who got accepted to play in Phoenix Arizona in February at the Del Sol Presidents Day Tournament and we are hoping to raise enough money to cover at least some of the accommodation and general expenses for our players who might otherwise not be able to go.

We did this last year and we raised enough money for two hotel rooms (6 players) for the duration of the tournament as well as one flight. Those players who availed of that would not have been able to attend.”

Here is the link to the GoFundMe for those interested in contributing:

View what the players have to say:

View all testimonials.

The campaign is open through January.

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