Join the May 6, 2019 Milton Town Meeting Warrant articles discussion

Town Meeting Warrant Articles Discussion
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Join the May 6, 2019 Milton Town Meeting Warrant articles discussion

Milton Town Meeting takes place Monday, May 6, 2019, 7:30 p.m., Milton High School

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  1. Hear Report of Town Officers
  2. Authorize Treasurer to Collect Taxes
  3. Authorize Treasurer to Enter into Compensating Balance Agreements
  4. Authorize Discharge of the Legislative Committee
  5. Capital Equipment Appropriation
  6. Bond Authorization Rescindment
  7. Audit Appropriation
  8. Union Wage Set Aside
  9. Employee Benefits Appropriation
  10. Unemployment Appropriation
  11. Chapter 13 Position Classifications and Wage Increases
  12. Public Safety Appropriation
  13. General Government Appropriation
  14. Boards and Committees Appropriation
  15. Public Works Appropriation
  16. Water Enterprise Fund Appropriation
  17. Sewer Enterprise Fund Appropriation
  18. Stormwater Enterprise Fund Appropriation
  19. Chapter 90 Appropriation
  20. Appropriation for Water System Improvements
  21. Appropriation for Rehabilitation of Town’s Stormwater System
  22. Appropriation for Sewer System Improvements
  23. Health and Sanitation Appropriation
  24. Library Appropriation
  25. Cemetery Appropriation
  26. Parks Department Appropriation
  27. School Appropriation
  28. Blue Hills Regional Technical School Appropriation
  29. School Building Committee Appropriation
  30. Consolidated Facilities Appropriation
  31. Interest and Maturing Debt Appropriation
  32. Stabilization Funds Appropriation
  33. Other Post-Employment Benefit Trust Appropriation
  34. FY20 Reserve Fund Appropriation
  35. Authorize Use of Revolving Funds
  36. PEG Access and Cable Related Fund
  37. Affordable Housing Trust Appropriation
  38. Home Rule Petition-Prudent Investment of Trust Assets
  39. Amend Term of the Town Bylaw Review Committee

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