Michael Perrone announces candidacy for Town Meeting

Michael Perrone
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Michael Perrone announces candidacy for Town Meeting

Perrone to represent Precinct 1

My name is Michael Perrone, and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for town meeting member for Precinct 1.

When my husband and I made the decision to move our family to Milton, we were looking for a quiet, safe place to raise our son. We liked Milton’s diversity, its public schools, and its location. What we didn’t count on was the sense of community that abounds here at every level. From our neighbors to the tight-knit community at Tucker that we’ve become a part of to the network of friends and acquaintances we’ve built all across town, we have been struck not only by people’s warmth, but by their pride and commitment to this town.

I am running to be a town meeting member because I care deeply about the future of Milton. I want to make sure the community we have all come to love continues to thrive. From a practical perspective, the taxes we pay are an investment in our community, and I want to know that our collective investment goes as far as it can.

I want to see Milton grow its commercial tax base in a way that is mindful of both the town’s character and its future needs. How we, as a town, handle the current crunch of the school and fire departments will have major impacts on both our quality of life and our town’s financial resources. And though we can’t turn back the clock on the number of cars on our roads, we can find ways to mitigate their impact. These are just some of the local issues that have my attention.

I have an undergraduate degree in History from UMass – Boston and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Emerson College, and I have spent the majority of my career as a communication generalist and project manager. I have worked in both higher education and for a digital design agency–one of these involves decision making with multiple levels of community input and the other is focused on tight collaboration and efficiency.

From my professional life, I will bring a commitment to process, transparency, and efficiency to the role of town meeting member. I spend my day-to-day responsible for timelines, budgets, and keeping people honest. In a town meeting role, I will be no different.

When you show up to the polls on Tuesday, April 30, I’ll appreciate your vote for me for town meeting member for Precinct 1.

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