Milton Historical Society to host open house next month

Suffolk Resolves House
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Milton Historical Society to host open house next month

‘Paul Revere’ and ‘Colonial’ women to be on hand demonstrating life leading up to Revolutionary War

he Milton Historical Society will be hosting an open house commemorating the annual Suffolk Resolves Day for its 245th anniversary, on Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., at the Suffolk Resolves House, 1370 Canton Ave., Milton, MA. The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be offered. Historical reenactor Michael LePage will be portraying Paul Revere.

In addition, dress historian Nancy McCarthy will be leading an interactive demonstration of colonial period laundry techniques. Learn how to scrub and beat laundry like they did in 1774, and some tips and tricks for keeping clothes clean and bright in the era before detergent. The laundry demo will take place outside, weather permitting.

Also, reenactor Gail Hamel will be on hand portraying an everyday colonial housewife, who will demonstrate firsthand experiences with the start of America’s Revolution. Learn what is it like for a woman and her family to stay safe when the British Soldiers march into town with orders to search one’s home on April 19, 1775. She also shares how women and their families participated in the events that lead to America’s independence.

The Suffolk Resolves Day commemorates the historic meeting of 70 delegates from 19 Suffolk County towns who gathered on September 9, 1774 at the Daniel Vose Inn.

The home at that time was first located near the corner of Adams and Wharf streets in Milton Village when the delegates met. In 1785, the house was moved down the hill where it was combined with another building. In 1950, the home was spared demolition and moved to its current day location.

The delegates adopted 19 resolutions known as the Suffolk Resolves in response to the British Intolerable Acts. Two days after that meeting, Paul Revere left Milton on horseback with the Resolves transporting them to Philadelphia to the Continental Congress. These resolves were endorsed by a vote of the Congress on September 17, 1774 and are regarded as the earliest organized demonstration for American Independence.

About Milton Historical Society:

The Milton Historical Society is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1904 to collect, preserve, publish and exhibit artifacts and records relating to the town of Milton.

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