September 14th, 2019 Community Housing Forum

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September 14th, 2019 Community Housing Forum

Town of Milton to hold Community housing forum

When: Saturday, September 14th at 10:00 a.m.
Where: Milton Council on Aging, 10 Walnut Street

The Town of Milton is in the process of preparing a Housing
Production Plan that will provide up-to-date information on local
housing issues, identify priority housing needs, and propose short
and long-term strategies to address these needs.

Please come to hear what the Town has learned about shifts in
demographic and housing trends and needs. Participate in a
special program to offer your perspectives on the Town‘s future
housing agenda. This is the first of two planned public meetings. A
draft summary of the plan can be found on the Town website
starting Monday, Sept. 9. Free child care will be provided. Please,
call the Select Board Office at 617-898-4843.

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