Top Milton Neighbors posts for April 2020 released

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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Top Milton Neighbors posts for April 2020 released

As of March, 2020, activity in Milton Neighbors is up by 250%, no surprise given the amount of time we are all spending at home.

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. April 28, 2020: Part 4,398 of the ongoing conversation and puzzling divisiveness concerning masks

“With the new ruling in Cambridge today, just want to say I am dismayed by the number of people here in Milton out and about without face coverage. I’m wondering what others think?”


2. April 5, 2020: Part 4,397 of the ongoing conversation and puzzling divisiveness concerning social distancing

“Took my dog for a walk today and saw so many people at Kelly Field. There were different groups. Some playing ball and others tennis in large groups. There was also a large group of kids behind the high school. Scary! Stay home people!!!! Where are their parents? Be safe Milton.”


3. April 15, 2020: Milton Seniors receive gift of lawn signs from Milton Boosters

“This morning, the Milton Boosters led the charge assisted by James Jette, Ryan Madden, Patty Pauris and lawn blitzed all the homes,231 to be exact, of MHS Class of 2020. The signs are a gift from the Boosters (Milton Parent) to show support for all our Seniors!

Kudos – – Milton Boosters, Jimmy and Annamarie Coyne, Barbara Dragon, Patti Johnson Dobrindt, Rachel Schewe ,Sue and Michael DiSandro, Bob and Susannah Ryan for the early morning deliveries !

We are Wildcat! Please post a pic of your sign.”


4. April 16, 2020: Discussion about Milton Police union contract

Milton Scene news story – Letter to the Editor: Milton Police Patrol Association and Milton Police Superior Officers Association seek agreement


5. April 17, 2020: Milton Select Board issues response to Milton Police unions regarding contract

Milton Scene news story – Milton Select Board releases statement regarding police union contract: 3-year contract with 7% raise offered


6. April 22, 2020: Proud Milton Mom shares good news about graduating senior

“Please forgive me for sharing news about our son Elias Deaibes, MHS ’19 graduate and Temple ’23 Class and member of Men’s Lightweight Varsity Rowing Team. Today Elias was notified that he has been chosen to attend the US Rowing National Selection Team Camp. Elias will be joining the other 19 members chosen from across the country this coming June in Pennsylvania, if things go as planned. I am grateful to all of his coaches from Milton High and Neponset Rowing Club that helped Elias achieve this accomplishment.”


7. April 28, 2020: Milton Senior class seeking support from community regarding plan for graduation

“Milton Neighbors,

I am asking your help in support of the senior class at Milton High School. These incredible young adults have suffered the most disappointing senior year. They have held their heads up and have proudly forged through this lockdown. They have had one goal in mind, a graduation with their friends. Well, it just got worse. We just received an email detailing Milton’s plans for graduation – a drive-by. That is exactly what it sounds like. The plan is 2 parts. Part 1 is a prerecorded ceremony. Part 2 is a drive-by caravan of students and families at Milton High that culminates in the graduate getting out of their car to pick-up their diploma from a table in front of the high school…”


8. April 30, 2020: COVID conspiracies

“Conspiracies and misinformation around COVID-19 seem to be running rampant. One topic I keep coming across is regarding the accuracy of death statistics (mis-coding for financial gain.)

We have so many who are on the front lines/knowledgeable in this area. Would love to hear your perspective and perhaps debunk this rumor.”


Editor’s note: For some reason, Facebook capped the top posts information at eight (8). I guess 10 is just too basic?


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