Feb. 24 Select Board Update: 652 Canton Ave. PEL, Stormwater Credit System and Good Energy Bids

Select Board Update
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Feb. 24 Select Board Update: 652 Canton Ave. PEL, Stormwater Credit System and Good Energy Bids

Covid-19 vaccination update

Health Director, Caroline Kinsella along with other members of NC-8, NC-8 Coalition – Home (weebly.com) have submitted a regional plan in response to Governor Baker discontinuing the community vaccination program. Senator Timilty also wrote and submitted a strong letter in support of reinstating the vaccination program. If the plan is approved, Milton would become a regional vaccination site. The plan asks for 4,000 vaccination doses weekly, where the Health Department was struggling to get 100 doses a week. No free testing site dates are scheduled as of now, since the numbers are low, which is a good thing.

Commission on disability update

The members of the Commission on Disability joined to provide a commission update and to express that they are seeking more members. They could use someone to type minutes up. For more information and updates you can visit their page here: Commission on Disability | Milton MA (townofmilton.org).

Thomas Dougherty, the town’s representative to the Massport Community Advisory Committee, joined the meeting to discuss the FAA Environmental Survey. For 28 years the FAA has used a 1992 study to gage what constitutes significant noise. The study found that 12% of participants surveyed were highly annoyed, so the industry continues to use this standard. Last month, the FAA Environmental Survey published found that 60-70% are highly annoyed currently, which is a significant surge from the previously noted 12%. If anyone wishes to submit public comments, they must be received by March 15. The Select Board plans to revisit this issue again at the March 10 Select Board meeting.

652 Canton Ave. PEL (project eligibility letter)

Ned Corcoran joined the meeting to discuss the letter. He mentioned that he feels the points are appropriate and is hopeful MassHousing will be able to get to the right outcome. The Select Board moved to approve and send the PEL with the amendments suggested. Final comments submitted to MassHousing are available here: 652 Canton Avenue Chapter 40B Application | Milton MA (townofmilton.org)

Stormwater advisory committee

Members of the Stormwater Advisory Committee joined to discuss the credit system that they wish to implement in town. The proposed policy would credit property owners who mitigate stormwater runoff on their property and maintain those mitigation systems. The Select Board moved to approve with periodic review by the Select Board, on a periodic, to be determined basis. For more information click here: Stormwater Fee Advisory Committee | Milton MA (townofmilton.org)

Historic district study committee

The committee wishes to appoint between 3-7 members. The Select Board plans to edit the press release with the intent for April 1 distribution. The Select Board motioned to accept and to move forward with this plan.

Good energy

Bids will begin being open and received on March 2. There should be 3 possibly 4 bids from various suppliers. Contracts will be subject to negotiation. On Monday, March 1, the Select Board will hold a short meeting to review and approve the potential contracts, they will also select a member of the Board to act on behalf of the Board. The hope is to secure a contract with a supplier by end of the day Tuesday, March 2.

Additional items of discussion

The Select Board moved to approve the proposed transfer of control from RCN to Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners. Stonepeak is an independent investment firm specializing in North America infrastructure investing.

Kevin Freytag, Town Council, joined to discuss the approval of the easement to Pine Gardens Way. This would be in favor of the town so as to keep the continued access by the new development near Dean Road. The Select Board moved to approve and accept as presented by Town Council.

The Select Board motioned to approve the municipal agreement between the town of Milton and the Southeastern Regional Services Group.






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