Sean Fahy announces candidacy for Milton Planning Board

Sean Fahy
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Sean Fahy announces candidacy for Milton Planning Board

There are two open seats on the Planning Board on April 26th. A vote for me will ensure that you will have a voice on the Planning Board. I grew up near Cunningham Park and have been a Milton resident for over 50 years. I am committed to maintaining the character of Milton while also being open minded to changes that we must and will implement. I believe that the residents/taxpayers are our “customers” and as such Town Government works for our “customers.”

I don’t believe that change for the sake of change or because change occurs in other towns is reason enough to implement change in our Town. I am a proponent of responsible planning for the future of Milton. I believe that all change should be vetted thoroughly and that the Planning Board needs to listen to the residents.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, April 26th.
Thank you!

Sean Fahy


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