Milton Public Library adult programs announced for July 2022

Milton Public Library adult programs
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Milton Public Library adult programs announced for July 2022

During the month of July, the Milton Public Library is offering some fun events appropriate for both adults and teens. Most of the programs are to be held virtually via Zoom, but one will be an in person painting workshop and the MPL Walking Club will also meet on two Thursdays. We hope you might join other exercise-minded adults to take a fun one-hour walk scheduled for 7/7 and 7/21 starting at 12 noon, to meet up in the library’s parking lot. This easy hike brings old friends together and you can also make new acquaintances while getting some fresh air at the same time. This ongoing program is held twice a month, but we do ask that you sign up to attend in advance at the MPL website.

There will be an in person painting workshop called “Learn to Paint Flowers with Watercolor for Adults and Teens” held on Tuesday, 7/5, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Keys Community Room. Discover the beauty of watercolor paints by joining host Jean Hlady and an instructor from the Pop-up Art School who will show you how to mix colors like a pro. You will learn tips and tricks for creating colorful flowers and leaves, and the class begins with confidence building drills so you can practice brush and water control before you make your finished floral painting. You will leave the class with your own finished masterpiece!  This program is appropriate for anyone from age 11 to adult, and you do not have to be experienced, but advance registration at our website is required to attend as space is limited. All materials are provided without charge for this fun workshop (sorry, not available virtually).

On Thursday, 7/7, at 7 p.m. via Zoom, author Marty Gitlin will give a virtual music talk called “The Greatest Era in Rock: The British Invasion and American Answer.” If you’re looking for a fun and enlightening experience that will really entertain, here is an ideal one!  Pop culture historian Gitlin will bring this exciting time in music history to life by featuring great videos considered to be some of the finest rock performances, from the birth of the British Invasion through the response of some fantastic American bands. Groups like The Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Byrds, The Who and more will be included. Test your music trivia too as the speaker will pose some tricky band and song questions to the audience.  Advance sign-up is required to receive the Zoom link to attend.

Then on Tuesday, 7/12, at 7 p.m. via Zoom, historian Bob Begin will tell us a wrenching story about World War II in a “Virtual History Talk: The Loss of the Indianapolis.” She had delivered the Atomic Bomb to an island air base and was en route to the Phillippines when she was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. Over 900 men went into the water. They would spend four and one half days before being spotted by a recon plane. They would face numerous challenges and danger such as dehydration, exposure, hypothermia, dementia, and a complete breakdown of rank and discipline, and a most primal enemy…sharks!  When the rescue efforts were over, only 317 men were alive. This is a story of courage, loss of hope, and a cover-up. Please join us for a fascinating historical program with a very knowledgeable speaker. Sign up in advance is required to receive the Zoom link to attend.

On Tuesday, 7/19, at 6:30 p.m., photographer Nick De Pasquale will be back via Zoom to give a “Virtual Photography Workshop: How to Take Great Travel Photos.” If you like to trek to foreign locales or like to take pictures wherever you are on the road, then this program is for you!  Instructor De Pasquale continues his excellent class for all levels of camera enthusiasts to share his insights and tips from his long experience on how he gets the shots while traveling the world. Topics will include what gear to take with you, how to pack it, the best photograph subjects to look for, and camera settings we all need to know about to get the best images. You can attend if you own any type of camera. Nick is a professional photographer who has a lifelong passion for the craft, and has done photo shoots for all types of publications and companies. He will share his own wonderful photos to inspire us all but advance registration is required to attend this program and receive the Zoom link.

And finally, there will be a program called “Virtual Nature Talk: Marine Life of New England” held on Tuesday, 7/26, at 7 p.m. via Zoom. Underwater photographer and diver Bob Michelson will return to the MPL to share his photos of the wide diversity and beautifully colored marine creatures that inhabit New England waters. This incredible visual presentation includes a comparison of underwater habitats and their relationship with the marine species found within. Learn about the delicate ocean food chain following microscopic Phytoplankton up to the 50 foot long federally Endangered Northern Right and acrobatic Humpback Whales. This event is an educational feast for the eyes and we hope you will join us for it!

Please sign up in advance at our website, which is: and then click on “events” from the main page and go to the date of the program to register. For questions, Email [email protected] or call the Reference Dept. at (617) 898-4964.

Adult programming is kindly supported by the Friends of the Milton Public Library and is free and open to all. We hope to see you at the Milton Public Library this July!

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