Masonry Services in Milton: Stein Construction and Landscape Inc.

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Stein Construction and Landscape Inc.

About this masonry service:

Stein Construction and Landscape Inc. offers masonry service to Milton, MA and surrounding areas.

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Stein Construction and Landscape Inc.
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Andrew A. on Stein Construction and Landscape Inc.

I couldn’t be happier with the job that Gill and his guys did at my house. Herringbone Brick walkway, granite steps, and a large paver job. All were done perfectly, on time, on budget, and the yard was left impeccable. I was initially impressed that Gill returned my first call to him quickly, arrived on time to the first meeting, brought catalogs for ideas, brought me samples of the pavers, and his quote form was the most professional I had ever seen. When the work was to begin, Gill was here everyday right on time and the changes/adders I requested were never a problem. Gill even coordinated a part of the job with my existing sprinkler company to move some pipes - bc Gill prefers to do things the best/safest ways rather than just the ‘easier’ way.

I am looking for more things for Gill to do so that we can have him and his super positive attitude back to my house!

If I could give 500 stars on the review scale I would.

Hire Stein - you will be happy you did.

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