Superintendent’s E-Blast: July 21

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From the Desk of the Superintendent:

I would like to share with you an important update regarding state funding for Full Day Kindergarten, which remains in jeopardy. Last week, on Friday, July 17, Governor Charlie Baker signed the fiscal year 2016 state budget into law. This budget contains $162 million in line-item vetoes. The vetoes include a $5 million reduction in funds for early education and care programs, as well as a $17.6 million reduction for full-day kindergarten grants. The Legislature can vote to override these vetoes. Senator Brian Joyce and Representative Walter Timilty, both of whom represent Milton, have pledged to support a veto override.

This veto, if not overridden, could have a dramatic and negative impact on Full Day Kindergarten across the Commonwealth.  Here in Milton, the impact could be a tuition increase of as much as $600 per child, effective in September of 2015.

An advocacy group we support, Strategies for Children, maintains a blog with more information on this topic, as well as a form to contact your state legislators:

Read the full e-blast here:

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