Milton Resources

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Milton Resources

Important Milton phone numbers:

  • Milton Police Department’s non-emergency phone number: 617-698-3800
    (open 24/7 to report questionable activities, sinking roadways, broken pipes, vehicle safety issues, dangerous animals, lost dogs etc.)
  • Department of Public Works (DPW): 617-898-4900
  • Animal control: 617-698-0455
  • Selectmen’s Office: 617-898-4843

Town of Milton websites:

Town of Milton announcements:

Yard waste schedule:

Town Meeting

Milton schools:

Milton post offices:

Milton educational services:

Facebook pages to follow and groups to join:

What’s the difference between a Facebook page and a group?

Local yard sale and free items groups:

Milton Access TV (MATV):

MATV programs can also be viewed live on our website: and are also shown on the following channels:

  • Government: Comcast channel 8 and RCN channel 3
  • Public: Comcast channel 9 and RCN channel 13
  • Education: Comcast channel 22 and RCN channel 15

Neighborhood associations:

Brush Hill Road Area Neighborhood Association
Timothy S. Kernan, President

Chickatawbut Neighborhood Association
Diane DiTullio Agostino: 617-698-8232
[email protected]

Cliff-Norway Neighborhood Association
Karen Friedman-Hanna: 617-953-7307
[email protected]

East Milton Neighborhood Association (EMNA)
Stephen Rines
[email protected]

Pope’s Pond Neighborhood Association
Jeff Stone
[email protected]

Greater Pagoda Circle Neighborhood Association
Richard Venable
[email protected]

Highland Street Neighborhood Association
Dr. Richard Shea: 617-698-0234
Gene Irwin: 617-322-1777

Hillside Neighborhood Association (HNA)
Robert Mussey: [email protected]

Indian Cliffs Neighborhood Association
Bob Sweeney, President: 617-696-8015

Milton Hill Neighborhood Association

Milton Village Neighborhood Association
[email protected]

Pine Tree Brook Neighborhood Association
Deb Milbauer: 617-834-8646

Town Center Neighborhood Association
Justin Renz
[email protected]

Tucker Neighborhood Association
Sheryl Fleitman: 339-987-0499

Milton clubs:

Help for Milton Neighbors:

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