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Editorial Guidelines

Objective of the Milton Scene:

The mission of the Milton Scene is to connect members of the Milton, MA community through news, events, local resources and recommendations (contractors, plumbers, cleaners, etc.). Letters/opinion can also be submitted to the Milton Scene for engaging the community in dialogue about issues concerning our town.

We have put together some information and guidelines for you to consider when putting together your submission.

Our policy on posting events in Milton:

  • Town events and news: we make every effort to post official Town of Milton news and events.
  • We will post all events hosted at the Milton Public Library that are included in the Library’s monthly press release of events. We do not post additional events hosted at the Milton Public Library, which are not in the monthly press release. Those events may be posted via paid advertising.

Our Non-profit posting policy:

  • We will post non-profit and charity events free of charge once per event on the Milton Scene, and will share these events via our social media channels (Milton Neighbors, The Milton Scene on Facebook and @miltonscene on Twitter.) Additional posts will incur advertising fees.
  • All posts must be run through The Milton Scene. Duplicate or additional posts on Milton Neighbors will be deleted.
  • Due to the influx of events we receive from non-profits, we will accept from each non-profit two free posts per month. Each post must contain information for only ONE event, and the two posts must be for two different events. Inclusion in our online calendar is limited to these two stories. (NOTE: if a link appears “broken” when clicking on it in the calendar, it’s because we schedule the stories in advance and the story may not be live yet.
  • Only non-profit events will be posted. Job postings, real estate postings, etc. will not be accepted as free submissions..
  • Click here to see our non-profit and charity policy and special advertising rates.

Political candidacy introductions:

As a courtesy to public servants, the Milton Scene accepts political candidacy announcements for local elections. Political candidates located in Milton’s precincts 1-2 as well as state representative and state senate candidates for Norfolk, Plymouth and Bristol counties may submit their candidacy announcements. How to submit a candidacy announcement. We reserve the right to edit any submission.


Letters and commentary should focus on an issue that directly impacts Milton – for example, traffic, public safety, airplane pollution, schooling, etc. Letters and commentary that contain direct, personal attacks will not be published. We reserve the right to edit any submission.

How to submit your story or event to the Milton Scene:

General requirements:

  • Please email your submission to
  • Please send your event info at least 10 days before the event date.
  • Please send any written content in Microsoft Word.
  • Please do not send fliers. The Milton Scene does not post fliers.
  • Please do not format your content with different fonts, etc. We will be formatting your content to fit the Milton Scene’s template.
  • When referencing event times, please use this style: Feb. 4, 2019, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • We recommend 600 words or less.
  • We reserve the right to edit any submission.

Photos and images:

  • Please send your writing and images in separate files (do not embed an image in a PDF or Microsoft Word page).
  • Please provide any related photos whenever possible.
  • The standard size that we use is 777x437px. JPG or PNG file formats preferred.
  • We will use as many of your photos as possible when posting your story. Please provide image source and please make sure you either own the image or it has a free license (e.g. Flickr FreeCommons or iStockPhoto).

Guest blog posts:

The Milton Scene occasionally showcases local talent and expertise to its viewers through individual guest blog posts from health experts, home improvement experts, etc. We reserve the right to edit any submission.

Objective of Milton Scene’s guest bloggers and commentators:

  1. Original Content: You must write your own, original content. Nothing “borrowed.” The content cannot consist of a blog or news article that has been written and posted elsewhere online.
    Expertise: Guest expertise blogs should give the reader actionable advice or content of value that the community can use without needing the guest’s services. For example, a blog on gardening might provide advice as to how to deter deer from eating plants.
  2. Value vs. Self-Promotion: We will not publish content that promotes your business. Our website gets over 50,000 hits per month, ranking high in Google searches. Additionally, each story is shared to our email list and our social media outlets, which means your content and your name will get a great deal of attention. By posting valuable content, you are also practicing the art of attraction marketing for your business. If you’d like to promote your business, we offer sponsored stories in our advertising options – please see our advertising section for information.
  3. Talent: Artists’ and musicians’ guest blogs should showcase the artist’s work, emphasizing how this talent helps the Milton community in some way: For example, a local musician might play at a local non-profit in a free concert for the community.


The Milton Scene audience is closely linked to the Milton Neighbors Facebook audience. Both consist of many different groups of people. Some of these people include:

  • Town activists: individuals who love Milton and voice their opinions about how they think Milton can improve.
  • Homeowners in need of help: Milton residents who are looking to improve their homes by finding landscaping, home improvement, and other services
  • Advice seekers: individuals who need advice on just about anything (preschools, traveling, recipes, etc.) from Milton’s very smart crowd.
  • General recommendation seekers: individuals looking for recommendations for services ranging from gluten-free bakeries to hair stylists, plumbers to consignment shops.
  • Activity seekers: individuals who are looking for events, camps, etc. that are happening in Milton and surrounding areas.

Guest blog topic approval:

Please make sure you clear what you are going to write about for the Milton Scene by sending us an email – before actually writing and submitting it.

Examples of topics that have performed well:

Linking policy:

Please limit any linked reference of your personal blog or business website to one time within your blog post. You may also add a link to your personal blog or business website in the About you/Biography area below your post.


Please include your name, contact info (email, phone, website), and a short biography to be posted with your blog. You may also include a photo of yourself. Biographies subject to editing. You may also include a photo of yourself in order to personalize your writing. People love to see the faces of the person doing the writing!

Reposting policy: As long as no more than 10% of the article’s words are posted verbatim, the Milton Scene permits referencing this content elsewhere online. If you do reference, please use the following guidelines:

  • Include a link back to the Milton Scene using this language:
    • This article originally appeared on The Milton Scene on xx/xx/xxxx (date).


I will be formatting your content to fit within the blog, so please expect some changes. Please send me blog content in Microsoft Word. Images should be sent separately; please make sure they are the correct size.

Writing style:

  • All blogs subject to editing.
  • Readers love bullet points. Whenever possible, please use them.
  • When possible, break up large blocks of text with headings.
  • We recommend 600 words or less.


The Milton Scene schedules all guest blogs in the most efficient time slot possible. Guest bloggers may not determine the time and date of guest blog postings.

Thank you for contributing your story, guest post, letter, or event to the Milton Scene!

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