Quincy neighbor victim of paving scam

Paving scam alert: Michael "Mick" ConnorsPaving scam alert: Michael "Mick" Connors
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Paving scammer Michael Connors arrested in Quincy.

Shared from the Quincy Police Department Facebook page.

Paving scam alert: Michael "Mick" Connors

Paving scam alert: Michael “Mick” Connors

Bad news: One of our elderly residents has fallen victim to the infamous “paving scam”. You’ve heard it before… a representative knocks on your door and states they have leftover asphalt and can redo your driveway for you. Or they give you one price then demand an exorbitant amount of money for shoddy / incomplete work.

Good news: One got caught on Tuesday! Officer G. Hartnett arrested a male who identified himself as 20 year old Mick Connors of 1037 Southern Artery #46, Quincy. Problem is – that address is a management office so we know he is not being truthful AND we know he is working in conjunction with others! One vehicle this group is utilizing is a Red Toyota Celica with Massachusetts Registration 1YW745. Please be advised they may still be in the area. We have received information that a white pickup truck may be involved as well). They are utilizing the name of “All Style Paving & Masonry” with an address of 1257 Worcester Rd in Framingham, MA.

Mr. Connors was arraigned on charges of Larceny by scheme on a person over 60, Attempted larceny by scheme on a person over 60, and Accessory after the fact.

PLEASE – inform your elderly neighbors, friends, and family members to be aware of these scams.

PLEASE – inform your elderly neighbors, friends, and family members to be aware of these scams. Advise them if someone comes knocking on their door unsolicited – just say no, no matter how good of a deal they offer. Always get a couple of estimates and never pay up front. Advise them that if they feel they are being threatened to pay for services they didn’t authorize, or are being pressured into paying a large amount of money, to contact us right away.

Report all suspicious activity to the Milton Police Department:  (617) 698-3800

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