Milton Scene Business Membership

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The Milton Scene Business Membership includes:

1. A Premium Business listing on The Milton Scene

Premium listings provide customized information, are more visually interesting than our free listings, and include up to 5 photos, custom description, links to your business website, social media, email address, and more!

free vs. premium business listing examples

Your Business Directory listing page includes:

  • Your business, listed at the top of the business category page in the premium section.
  • A link to your business’s website.
  • A link to your business’s Facebook page (if applicable).
  • A link to your business’s Twitter profile (if applicable).
  • A link to your business’s Instagram profile (if applicable).
  • Up to 150 words describing your business..
  • Your logo and/or up to 5 images.
  • Milton Scene featured listing badge
  • Your business will stand out in all business lists, to indicate premium content

2. FREE with membership: You get to post one business ad or post per week in our Social Media Group, Milton Neighbors!

Enjoy this members-only free bonus! As a member, you can post a promotion or ad pup to one time per week in our Milton Neighbors social media group of over 14,000 local potential customers! Only Milton Scene Business Members are allowed this exclusive bonus to post & promote themselves and their businesses.

Sample Milton Neighbors posts:


sample business membership marketing reportt3. Monthly marketing reports

Our monthly marketing report will show you exactly which posts are doing well – so that you can create more of them and get more customers! (View sample report.)

4. ONLY with membership: Post your free weekly business ad as your Facebook business page.

Posting your free Milton Neighbors ads as a business page makes your business look official and sends lots of local traffic to your Facebook page. Only business members are allowed to join and post their own ads as a Facebook page.

Perks of posting your ads as a business page:

  • Legitimizes your business ads
  • Sends more new traffic to your Facebook business page
  • Allows multiple staff members who have access to your page to post in the group
  • Cuts down on messages to your personal profile

5. Extra exposure in The Milton Scene “Featured Favorites” weekly stories

Each week, we post a story about one of our business categories on The Milton Scene.
When your business section is rotated through, all business members will be shown at the top of this story!

Click to see an example of a “Featured Favorites” story.

6. Your business featured on our special “Premium Business Listings” page:

We have a special page that includes only our premium business listings. Our website users know that these listings include more information than the basic listings. We also regularly feature Premium Business listings in newsletter ads.

Click to view our Verified Premium Business Listings page.

7. One informational guest blog post per month on The Milton Scene*

  • Position yourself as an expert on The Milton Scene with an informational guest post about your expertise.
  • Your guest blog is written by you, and must provide helpful information to our community. This blog post cannot be promotional but it can include a 50 word short bio and link to your website or email.
  • Click to see an example of an informational guest blog.

For Annual Members ONLY: One Featured Member story post per quarter on The Milton Scene (LIMITED TIME ONLY!)

  • business membership featured member storyOnce per quarter, we will feature your business listing in the form of a story on The Milton Scene.
  • We use the information in your business listing to create this monthly story so please make sure it is accurate and you have provided as much information as possible!
  • BONUS: Each Featured Member story is also shared to all of our social media outlets, including Milton Neighbors.
  • Click to see an example of a featured member story

The Milton Scene is connected to the 14,000+ member Milton Neighbors Facebook group, which comprises at least 25% of the households in Milton, MA.

  • Each news story posts to the Milton Neighbors Facebook group.
  • We send a daily email of stories to nearly 4,000 email subscribers.
  • We publish all stories to the Milton Scene Facebook page, and @miltonscene on Twitter.
  • The Milton Scene receives over 50,000 page views per month.
  • All advertising subject to contractual agreement and terms.

Monthly memberships may cancel any time.

The fine print:
*Guest blog is optional. Your guest blog must provide helpful information to our community and cannot be promotional but it can include a short bio and link to your information. You provide all written content. Blog cannot be changed once posted. Limit one image per blog. 400 word limit. Business logos are not permitted in guest blog. Must be of high editorial quality, subject to editing.
Milton Neighbors perks:
-MN posts can include a sharing of text, a link or an image. It cannot include sharing of a PDF.
-Your membership does not include sharing of any video or Facebook Live.
-You may not post more than four times within a 30 day period. In other words, an annual member cannot can’t “save” annual posts and cram them into a shorter period of time.
-You and your family/friends are not permitted to comment on your posts in order to “bump” them up.
-Violating your membership privileges will result in you being muted for 7 days, or possibly removed from the group, without a membership refund.
-Your posts must include the hashtag #MSMember
Political advertisements not eligible for business membership.