30 Days of Milton “Sceniors” 2020

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30 Days of Milton “Sceniors” 2020

This May, we will be presenting 30 Days of “Milton Sceniors” on The Milton Scene and in Milton Neighbors.

Our goal is to feature Milton’s graduating Seniors every day on The Milton Scene for the month of May.

Participation in “Milton Sceniors” is for any high school senior living in Milton and graduating in 2020 including:

  • Milton High School
  • Boston College High School
  • Catholic Memorial
  • Fontbonne
  • Milton Academy
  • Notre Dame
  • Thayer Academy
  • Ursuline
  • Xavier
  • and any other high school we missed!

Here are the options:

  1. Inclusion in one of our 2020 “Milton Sceniors” story, featuring 5 or more seniors (FREE)
  2. Your own unique, personalized “Milton Scenior” Feature story (Paid)

Each personalized “Milton Scenior” Feature story includes:

  • Your own “Milton Senior” Feature story on The Milton Scene, which gets over 50,000 hits every single month.
  • Inclusion of your own “Milton Senior” Feature one time in the daily email newsletter, sent daily to over 3,400 local subscribers.
  • Gallery of up to 5 photos included per feature (ex: senior photo, activities photos, baby photos, friend photos, etc.!).
  • Senior quote.
  • High school from which the senior is graduating.
  • Awards, honors, and activities
  • Post-High School plans (college, job, etc.)
  • Your senior’s favorite memories from school, their senior year, etc.
  • Additional text or info about your senior.
  • Message from parents/loved ones.
  • Inclusion in the Milton 2020 Seniors online “Yearbook” together with all Milton Seniors in June.

FREE BONUS: Your personalized “Milton Scenior” Feature will be shared on:

View a sample Senior Feature here:

Milton Senior Bella Naybor to graduate from Milton High School with honors

Each inclusion in our free 2020 “Milton Sceniors” Story includes:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I appear in both the free stories and as Milton Scenior Feature story as well?

A: Yes, you can be in both.

Q: What size images should I submit?

A: For the free stories, a square image in size 300px x 300px is ideal but we can try to work with your images. For the Milton Scenior Feature story, please submit images in at least 500px in height.

We do not accept photos embedded in PDFs or Word documents. Photos must all be sent as separate files. We will not post photos with watermarks or other copyright issues. Please make sure you have full permission from your photographer before submitting a photo.