Children’s Camps in Milton: Everwood Day Camp

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Everwood Day Camp

About this children’s camp:

Everwood Day Camp is a children’s camp for those in Milton, MA and surrounding areas.

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Everwood Day Camp
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 1 reviews
by Amy D. on Everwood Day Camp

I just wanted to write to say thank you for giving both of my kids a wonderful summer. My son attended Everwood for the entire 9 weeks, even though I had originally signed him up for 5! He just did not want to leave and kept coming home asking me if he could go another week. Honestly, he’d go next week if he could! My son is not one to make a long-term commitment to anything; he usually signs up for things, gets bored after a couple of weeks and pleads not to go. But with camp, on Sunday nights he’d say, “I have camp tomorrow!” and couldn’t wait to get back. That tells me how much fun he was having.

As for my daughter, this was her first summer at home in 6 years and we knew it would be different than her years at overnight camp. She couldn’t have made a better choice for her summer. She loved being a counselor and it was a really great first job. Every night she’d come home and tell us about something she’d done that day “because my girls wanted me to.” These were things that she might not have been adventurous enough to do on her own when she was a camper, but she wanted her girls to have fun, so she did it. She told us a really sweet story about one day when the bunk was walking to an activity and one of the girls came up beside her to hold her hand, which made her day. She was so nervous about doing a good job before the summer began and I could see her really grow into her role as the weeks went by.

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