DPW Public Notice: Recycling Policy Regarding Use of Plastic Bags

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To All Milton Residents:

As a result of recent solid waste internal audit activities, it was found that very many households in Milton have been avoiding the use of trash stickers. Concealing household trash and trying to pass it off as recycling materials is dishonest.

Solid Waste rules, which are published, available on line, and on the calendar which is mailed to every single residence in town.

Clearly noted under “Single Stream Recycling” is “NO PLASTIC BAGS”.

Effective last week our solid waste vendor was directed to comply with our regulations and was notified as follows:

  • …Milton does not allow recycling to be put out in plastic bags and require that recycling be clearly exposed in single stream barrels or recycling bins.
  • Milton’s Regulations are built upon the premise that any bagged material has an unknown content and therefore likely contaminated and non-recyclable.

Any material put out in plastic bags WILL BE LEFT BY THE RECYCLING TRUCKS and, if not properly stickered, WILL BE REJECTED BY THE MSW TRUCKS! Under the terms of our contract our solid waste vendor will not return to collect any non-compliant stop.

Non-compliant folks need to wait until next week’s collection.

Milton DPW

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