Home Improvement Expertise: Unclog Your Drain for Less than $20

How to unclog your drain for less than $20How to unclog your drain for less than $20
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Written by Home Improvement Expert, Kieran McKinney.

Got a slow moving or completely clogged drain?

Before picking up that phone go to your local home improvement store and buy a Cobra Products Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool.

Unclog your drain in seconds. Easily unclogs your sink, shower and bathtub drains. No chemicals. Environmentally safe. Non-toxic.

How to use:

  • Simply insert Zip-It into the drain and push down until the handle meets the top of the drain.
  • Then pull back slowly and dispose of the debris properly.

(**Caution** Never use Zip-It or any other drain cleaning tool soon after drain cleaning chemicals have been used! The chemical could splash on your hands or in your eyes causing serious injury.)

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About Our Home Improvement Expert:

Kieran McKinney is a fully insured and licensed general contractor in the the state of Massachusetts. He is one of six brothers that are European born and Irish bred and he has over 28 years of construction experience. In 2000, he and his business partner started Absolute General Contracting, Inc, a full-service construction company specializing in all aspects of general contracting services. Kieran is an expert in all facets of the construction business from permitting, to framing, to high-end finish carpentry, structural repairs and more. Kieran currently lives in Milton, MA with his two stepdaughters, Alex and Ella, his wife Jennifer and their beloved bulldog, Emee.

Kieran McKinney
General Contractor/Owner
Absolute General Contracting, Inc.
(617) 464-3399

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