Hillside Neighborhood Association enjoys Second Annual Barbeque

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Contributed by Carol Stocker.

Thayer Nursery was the perfect setting for a second annual summer barbeque for the families of the Scott’s Woods historic neighborhood on June 4. A battalion of high spirited youngsters scouted the farm’s varied terrain as their parents enjoyed homemade and potluck fare, and new residents introduced themselves.

The Hillside Neighborhood Association is sponsor of the emerging neighborhood tradition, which was organized by the HNA Social Committee, consisting of Thayer Nursery proprietor Maggie Oldfield, and neighbors Carol Stocker, Meg Kaster and Maureen Driscoll, all of Hillside Street, as well as Stephanie Oldfield of Forest Street and Patti Elliott of Brierbrook Street.

For more information about the Hillside Neighborhood Association,  please contact:
Dr. Richard Shea – 617-698-0234
Gene Irwin – 617-322-1777

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