Milton Garden Club of America Flower Show to take place Oct. 15

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Milton Garden Club to host a Garden Club of America Flower Show

Members of Milton Garden Club have had a busy summer preparing for “Trailways and Waterways – Milton’s Natural Resources,” a Garden Club of America Flower Show. The show will be held at the Milton Hoosic Club, 193 Central Avenue, on Thursday, October 15 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The event is open to the public, free of charge and children are welcome.

Among the highlights of the show will be creative floral designs, horticultural specimens and photography exhibits. The show will also include a conservation exhibit about the historic and “hidden” Neponset River and Milton Garden Club’s 20-year commitment to the river.

Milton Garden Club, established in 1924, maintains five Milton gardens for public enjoyment: the historic Fletcher Steele/Spalding Garden on Fletcher Steele Way; the Lily Corner at the intersection of Brook Road and Canton Avenue; the Tulip and Perennial Gardens at Milton Public Library; the Rain Garden and Blue Hills Gateway Native Plant Garden at Blue Hills Trailside Museum; and the Powder House grounds, opposite Milton Town Hall.

The club fills town planters seasonally and maintains the horse trough diagonally across from Milton Public Library. In addition, Milton Garden Club selects and awards grants annually to individuals or organizations for projects relating to conservation, environmental beautification, or education, or for community service projects in the Town of Milton. For the past 18 years, the club has developed and taught a Neponset River Watershed curriculum to fourth-grade classes throughout the town’s four public elementary schools.

To help fund these gardens and programs, Milton Garden Club holds an annual Greens Sale (first Saturday in December at Cunningham Hall) and Perennial Sale (second Saturday in May on the lawn of Milton Public Library).

Milton Garden Club is a member of the Garden Club of America.

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