FAA hearing more complaints over Logan airplane noise

Plane underbellyPlane underbelly
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Shared from the Boston Globe.

The number of complaints about airplane noise has skyrocketed since new GPS-generated flight paths at Logan Airport took effect, and the agency responsible for the energy-saving policy will hear from those on the ground at a public forum scheduled for Dec. 3 in Milton — one of the communities most affected by the change.

The Federal Aviation Administration has said the Next/Gen satellite-based navigation system is designed to decrease jet fuel consumption and increase safety by making the sky routes more efficient. But critics say the narrower skyways unfairly burden the homes below with a constant barrage of sound and vibration.

Read the full story: www.bostonglobe.com/metro/regionals/south/2015/11/24/faa-hearing-more-complaints-over-logan-airplane-noise/CgHxuliUwctggrHOpJS9UP/story.html

Read details about the Dec. 3 hearing.

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