Coyotes and Milton: an update

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A coyote common sense update from Officer Nancy Bersani, Milton’s Animal Control Officer:

January 29, 2016

I have received a few calls regarding a coyote seen between Blue Hills Parkway, Kelly Field and the streets in between.

This morning this coyote was seen on St. Mary’s Road and his left front paw appears to be injured. Despite this, the coyote looks healthy and is non aggressive at this time. February is the height of breeding season for coyotes and the juveniles born last Spring are also leaving their families to find their own territories.

Coyotes, contrary to popular belief, are NOT nocturnal and are active during the day. The younger ones are still learning and do not stay out of sight as well as the more mature ones.

If you see a coyote, you can yell, wave your arms, blow a whistle etc., to let it know you are not friendly. A healthy coyote does not want conflict and should leave.

I have a lot of good information on coyotes and other species of wildlife. You can call the shelter at 617-698-0413 to request a copy be mailed to you.

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