Milton Nails and Spa to open soon in East Milton

Van, Loan and Trinh Nguyen, with Ngih. Owners of Milton Nails & SpaVan, Loan and Trinh Nguyen, with Ngih. Owners of Milton Nails & Spa
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Nguyen sisters have much to celebrate

Milton Nails & Spa

Milton Nails & Spa

The new Milton Nails and Spa is a dream come true for owners and sisters, Van, Loan and Trinh Nguyen.

In 2000, the three Nguyen sisters came to America to reunite with family. Two days after arriving stateside, all three sisters started manicurist school. Upon graduating, the siblings worked in different salons until they joined together in East Milton, where they have worked together for the past fourteen years.

During those years, the Nguyen sisters met many of our most excellent Milton Neighbors and soon had a large following of “the absolute best customers.”

On their days off, Van and Trinh attended esthetician’s school, earning additional personal care licenses. Chau, Van’s husband, also joined the sisters, providing manicures and pedicures. They all love what they do so it is fitting that their next goal is to make their customers happy and relaxed when visiting their new salon, opening soon in East Milton.

Nguyens work to support family’s extra special need

Ngih Nguyen

Ngih Nguyen

Over the past few years, the family has joined together for one extra special family need. They worked long hours and graciously accepted support from customers in order to provide assistance for one very young family member, Nghi Nguyen

Two years ago, Nghi Nguyen came to America for a serious health issue. At sixteen months old, Nghi underwent a liver transplant at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is now a healthy three year old. The Nguyen family has great appreciation for MGH, “the best hospital in the world,” as well as the the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation in Braintree, and all the doctors, nurses and supporting medical personnel who helped Nghi over the past two years. Trinh Nguyen notes “Without all the help we could not have done this, and Nghi wouldn’t have had the chance to live. Every day we see Nghi smile and grow in good health. This is truly amazing to us.”

The Nguyen sister would like to thank everyone for the professional and personal support they have received. They look forward to celebrating many years together at their new business, Milton Nails and Spa.

For a full summary of available services, please visit Van, Loan, Trinh and Chau can be reached at: 617-696-1999.

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  1. Brendalee Cederlund | January 27, 2016 at 9:34 pm | Reply

    An amazing family! I am so happy for them! No doubt they earned this “happily ever after!” Their story should be on TV, a happy story that needs to be told. These young ladies worked very hard, 6 days a week, no calling in sick for close to 14 years. I am sure that all of their loyal customers, including me, will be there to support them and insure over the moon success for these lovely Ladies and Gentleman!

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