Little Free Libraries introduced to Milton’s parks

Little Free Libraries introduced to Milton's parks. Photo courtesy Gabrielle Sullivan
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Milton Public Library, Milton Parks & Recreation, Blue Hills Regional Technical School, and Cunningham Park Trustees collaborate to share the joy of reading

There is a new and exciting way for parents and children to enjoy our parks. Read a book! Little Free Libraries have been installed in all of Milton’s Parks. These little libraries, stocked by the Friends of the Library, offer books for free to the public. Pick one up, sit under the nearest tree and enjoy one of life’s most pleasant pastimes. Then, contribute a book to share with others.

The idea for bringing the Little Free Libraries came from Library Trustee Andrea Gordon. Little Fee Libraries have appeared in numerous communities across the country. They often appear in places where the public congregates. Most recently, they have been installed here in Milton at the schools. That’s how good an idea they are!

The idea was Gordon’s brainchild, but she is quick to credit the woodworking shop at Blue Hills Regional. “Robert Foley and his students were marvelous to work with and did a fantastic job constructing the libraries,” Gordon said. She also praised David Perdios and the Parks and Recreation department. They allowed for and, in fact, performed the installation of the structures.

“It is a great collaboration,” said Frank Schroth, Chair of the Trustees. “Andrea had a great idea and ran with it; but its success involves Blue Hills Regional, the Parks Department, and the Friends of the Library. Each brings their unique strength to bear in working together to deliver a simple but significant cultural amenity to the town. The trustees thank all who helped to make this possible.”

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