Local businesses will double your donations to local charities

Play Milton Neighbors Match-it this holiday season!Play Milton Neighbors Match-it this holiday season!
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The Milton Scene is organizing a charity drive together with local businesses.

Five local businesses will be donating $1250.00.

If Milton Neighbors, together, match the amount, the donation will double to $2500.00. This means that together, we have the potential to raise at least $3750.00!

These generous companies include:

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We have already raised nearly $700!

The fund’s donations will be split equally between the Milton Residents Fund, the Milton Animal Shelter, and the Milton Food Pantry.

Milton Neighbors has over 6100 members. If all of us donate $10 each, can you imagine the potential?

100% of all donations will go to charity.

With the help of Milton Neighbors, we have found a fund collection company (Splitzee) that doesn’t take any percentage of the collections!

We are still accepting company matches!

Please email [email protected] for further details and please spread the word!

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