Support clothes for girls with a purpose: Little Birdie Love

Support clothes for girls with a purpose: Little Birdie LoveSupport clothes for girls with a purpose: Little Birdie Love
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Clothes for Girls with a Purpose

Support these two mompreneurs in helping girls around the world learn by pre-ordering these delightful designs on their Kickstarter page. Everything is made right here with love in Massachusetts. Erin and Sarah have inspiring stories as moms that lead them to start this new venture. Help them spread this message!

Watch their story here:

Little Birdie Love is much more than just a clothing line- we know that clothes can’t change the world, but the girls wearing them, and the women making them CAN. We believe in inspiring girls to be their best; to be proud, and kind… to never give up, and to ALWAYS have HOPE. We believe in helping girls around the world learn, because girls who learn – RULE THE WORLD.

The Story:

Erin & Sarah first met when Erin was a Marketing Brand Manager at a major baby product company and Sarah was a Stylist for product photoshoots. Both were expecting baby boys at the same time and they bonded over their shared excitement and anxious anticipation… you can read more about their journeys to become mothers at

Erin started Momma Love because she was inspired by her own journey to become a mom. After suffering 8 miscarriages, and losing her own mom to breast cancer – she understood the importance of the bond between a mother and child. Her mother handed her a miracle baby in a dream, and she is now a mom to Elijah 4, and Xavier 3. With over 10 years in manufacturing baby and children’s products for global brands, she was inspired by a connection with a little birdie (her mom) to start something new.

Sarah is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and worked for Ralph Lauren Childrenswear. Sarah joined forces with Erin when they reconnected (five babies between them later) over coffee to chat creative endeavors and motherhood. After losing her first child, Henry, following a traumatic birth injury, Sarah went on to have two girls, Emily 3, and Eve 1. Sarah’s dream has always been to celebrate her love of childhood by focusing on her children while also embracing her creative talent for clothing design. What better gift to give two sisters, than a Momma who finds joy in her work and gives back to the world to make dreams, hopes and adventures possible.

Support these local moms today with a pre-order:

Little Birdie Love on Kickstarter


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