David Dobrindt announces candidacy for Precinct 4 Town Meeting Member

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Hi Milton Neighbors,

My name is David Dobrindt and I am running for Precinct 4 Town Meeting Member. My wife Patti and I have lived in Milton since 2002 and have four children, Emily (soon to be 15), Ethan (12), Emerson (11) and Eli (7). They are at the High School, Middle School and two at Tucker. We love this town and despite challenges that any community faces we are lucky to have chosen Milton as the place to raise our kids. We are on Meagher Ave near the brook with neighbors that are helpful and friendly, we love the quick access to Boston, the various activities and events this town offers and great friends we’ve made since moving here. We feel blessed to be in Milton.

I would like to be a Town Meeting Member because I eventually want to rule the world and thought I’d start here. Just joking. As I get older and more involved in issues that affect this town and its residents, I want to be able to have a voice in the debate. I will represent the citizens of my precinct with an open and objective mind, with humility and grace, and with an understanding that I will always do what’s best for my neighbors and this town.

After living overseas for the first 7 years of my life my family settled on Long Island, NY where I was raised. Patti and I moved to Davis Square in 1998 after I received my MBA and to Milton in 2002 when Emily was born. I have always worked in corporate America, first as a management consultant, then in various software and services leadership roles and now with a firm where I advise large corporations on how to improve their performance. I am on the board of Friends of the Blue Hills and volunteer with activities related to the Blue Hills Reservation. My wife is the Milton Road Race co-director and is involved in other aspects of our town as well. We both are avid runners and our kids are involved in various sports in Milton and the South Shore. We are also members of the First Congregational Church of Milton.

Please consider voting for me as of your Town Meeting Member, I would very much like to represent the community that I love and speak on behalf of my neighbors. Please reach out to me at [email protected] with any questions or comments, or stop me to chat if you see me running the streets of Milton.

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