Doug Scibeck announces candidacy for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 6

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Doug Scibeck to run for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 6

If you caught the Chronicle repeat you heard the news we moved from one side of East Milton to the other. I was honored to promote Milton, just as I was honored to represent Precinct 7 as Town Meeting Member. I’m excited to be running for Town Meeting Member for Precinct 6 and hope to continue my involvement in our town government. With experience as a former Precinct 7 Town Meeting Member and current Executive Board member for the East Milton Neighborhood Association, I promise to continue to work for East Milton residents should I be elected to represent Precinct 6.

If you’re a Precinct 6 resident I’d appreciate your vote this election. I will be attending the East Milton Neighborhood Association Candidate Forum on April 12th to listen to the concerns of residents in Precinct 6. Or Precinct 6 residents can email me at


Doug Scibeck

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