Air Force veteran sets sights on congressional seat in Massachusetts

Christopher Voehl for Congress
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Democrat Christopher Voehl to run in 8th District

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Voehl served our country for 20 years in the Air Force, and now he wants to continue his service as the next congressman for the 8th District of Massachusetts.

Voehl, a Milton resident and veteran F-15E combat pilot with six overseas deployments, is cofident that he can make a difference in Washington to better serve the people of the district. “I am looking forward to having more conversations with my neighbors about the issues and find creative solutions to make real change.”

Mr. Voehl is a husband and father who currently flies jumbo jets around the world for a major delivery carrier. He has a computer science degree from Vanderbilt University, has a graduate degree in public administration, and is the son of a Vietnam veteran. “Voters in the district are concerned about their financial security, their personal security and the security of this nation. So am I.”

The primary election is September 4, 2018 and Voehl is confident constituents are ready for a choice at the ballot box. “Our future deserves more than stagnant ideas. We need someone forward thinking, who has a vision, and can bring credible leadership to the table. I am that person.”

Issues that are of particular importance to Christopher Voehl include:

  • National and economic security
  • The 2nd Amendment
  • Education
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Issues regarding senior citizens

“I have made tough decisions my entire career, and I am not afraid to take that same fighting spirit to Washington.”

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