Online comments regarding East Milton deck plans are overwhelmingly negative

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Online comments regarding East Milton deck plans are overwhelmingly negative

On July 18 (third rescheduled date), there will be a meeting to present plans for the East Milton Square deck project.

The Milton Scene shared the following comments from residents and people who visit the square often with the Milton Town Planner and Board of Selectmen. Names are being left off for privacy.

So if there is no parking, and only a small green space to the left WHY OH WHY aren’t they opening up ADAMS STREET. It is a nightmare this traffic…..They can still make the park, and ease the traffic. This isn’t rocket science people. 

It is a shame what is being done to East Milton, lack of leadership, clear vision and planning are the problems. 

Not sure why they want input, East Milton residents want Adams Street opened and parking added. The proposed design is pretty much what we already have. 

How about we put the road back?

Why has the lining under the park failed? Will the Town of Milton have to foot the bill when the lining/membrane is only 25 years old? Is the original builder or Comm. of Massachusetts paying for the new lining? This sounds like another large project removing all the soil, shrubs, trees and concrete above the lining. Not something that should need to be redone every 25 years.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could bury the ramps that lead onto and off of the highway in tunnels, and create a more pedestrian friendly square? It is nightmarishly intimidating to get across those roads with young children in tow. A girl can dream!

Open Adams Street back up so the people of East Milton are connected again to the rest of Milton without the constant congestion. If you want a park, Andrews and Cunningham are within walking distance.

This looks awful.

Who is this park intended for? I can’t imagine sitting in the middle of the Southeast Expressway with anyone for any length of time (unless the location has been changed). Did the architects do any research with potential users to determine what would work in this area? If it didn’t work 16 years ago, why are they moving forward now? Is new research available now? Have they incorporated any of the suggestions made by commuters who travel this area, and get stuck in the constant traffic jams, on a daily basis? Or is it just an easy fix?

It is such an odd location with too much traffic and barely enough parking as is for just what is established already today. Just wondering if this is just money spent to make it look prettier to look at during traffic or should serve a purpose? The drawing makes it look huge but it is tiny in person.

Why not a big flat fountain like they have in Boston and the kids could run into it/play in it during hot days with more sitting and the ability for food trucks and ice cream trucks to go there?

Can’t wait to sit in a park and soak in all that i93 carbon monoxide.

Forget the landscape for a park….no one used the park before and they’re not going to use it now. We need parking parking parking and an end to the TRAFFIC!!!!

Hoping for more parking and Adams Street reopened.

Still want it opened up so we can drive through… know they won’t.. 22 minutes the other day to get to the ramp of 93 from St Agatha’s…and who would want to sit in a park inhaling gas fumes and looking at traffic? Ridiculous.

The clock is a nice touch. You can see how long it was since you passed out from exhaust fumes from the SE expressway.

No one wants to sit over a filthy and LOUD highway and have filthy cars drive around you , it was never meant to a space to “relax” it’s over a HIGHWAY….. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, any common sense….. Anyone….. BULLER…. BULLER…..

Just open up Adams street it worked fine before…And have the on ramp to 93 south by the shell gas station, NOT be an allowable left turn, on ramp to South 93 only

Open up Adams Street. No one needs a park above the highway.

My recommendation is an imagination playground. Check this out!

What do you think?

View the project plan (PDF).

Submit your comments to Town Planner Bill Clark: [email protected]

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