Prepare for the New England winter with a new roof from Capital Construction

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Prepare for the New England winter with a new roof from Capital Construction

Capital Construction specializes in long-lasting durable quality roofs that will stand the test of time

It’s time to think about your roof! Winter is fast approaching, and we all know winter in New England can be harsh and unpredictable. As a homeowner, residential or commercial property owner, you want to know your property is protected by a long-lasting durable quality roof that will stand the test of time.

Why Capital Construction?

  • Capital Construction is a “Factory Certified Licensed Applicator”
  • Carlisle Contractor License #25719
  • Commercial & Residential Application
  • 10-40 Year Warranties Available

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a synthetic rubber used in a range of applications.

Top Reasons to Choose EPDM:

  • Energy Efficient: During the winter in New England, the black EPDM does a great job of reducing heating costs which are generally 3-5 times higher than A/C costs during the summer.
  • Rooftop Safety: Because black EPDM does a great job of absorbing heat, it does a fantastic job of melting frost, dew, and ice. It also helps reduce the amount of snow on a roof and dries quickly.
  • Condensation: Undetected condensation can cause a ton of issues for flat roofs! The solar thermal benefits of black EPDM reduces potential condensation issues.
  • Quality Seams: Carlisle’s labor-saving Factory-Applied Tape (FAT™) and pressure- sensitive flashings improve the quality and consistency of seams. Electrical seaming equipment consumes natural resources and is dependent on the applicator using correct speed, temperature, and pressure to avoid false or cold welds. Fewer Seams.

Carlisle EPDM roofs do a great job of adding energy efficiency to a house or commercial building. Check out some of the main reasons below!


In Massachusetts & New England, heating costs account for a significantly larger amount of money for homeowners in comparison to cooling costs. So, in terms of a roof’s important factors, keeping a house warm during the winter is more critical than cool during the summer. The Carlisle black EPDM roof does an amazing job of absorbing heat for energy efficiency purposes.


Because dark-colored roofs attract more heat, they are much better at saving energy in Massachusetts. Along with saving more money, black roofs create fewer carbon emissions because of the reduced heating demand.


Roofing materials that don’t get warm enough during the winter can lead to moisture accumulation within certain roof assemblies. What may appear to be a faulty roof material will simply be condensation forming in your building. Properly designed and installed insulation along with Carlisle’s EPDM can stop the formation of any condensation leakage.

About Capital Construction:

Capital Construction Contracting does a professional job of installing flat roofs throughout the Greater Boston Area. For more information on our work, feel free to reach us at 617-319-1225 or through our online contact form.

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