Local landscaper injured in car accident; help sought from Milton Neighbors

Tom Albanese
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Local landscaper injured in car accident

Help sought from Milton Neighbors

Tom Albanese, who was born in Milton and until recently, lovingly landscaped the homes of many residents, was severely injured in an accident in early December, involving a homeless person driving a stolen car, under the influence.

Tom faces a long recovery, according to his GoFundMe page:

  • His skull is fractured in multiple locations, which caused internal bleeding.
  • The fracture to the back of his skull is so severe that he must keep a c-spine brace on for at least 6 to 8 weeks, or he may become paralyzed. Tom may need additional surgery on his skull, doctors aren’t sure yet.
  • He has several fractures in his face, including the occipital bone in his right eye.
  • His right leg was broken so badly, he needed to have his ankle reconstructed. It will be in a cast for months, after which Tom will need extensive, ongoing therapy just to learn how to walk again.
  • He suffered a right ear hematoma, and surgery was needed to remove a blood clot.
  • Tom’s thoracic vertebrae in the middle of his spine were also fractured.
  • Tom is now dealing with the psychiatric aftermath of a massive trauma, and the thoughts that he may never get to work the job he loves so much, ever again.
  •  Sadly, once Tom is out of critical care, he will be moved directly to a rehab center, he’ll be reassessed and his therapy program will then be set-up.

According to Tom’s GoFundMe page, set up by family and friends, “Tom’s new challenges means his apartment will have to be renovated. There will be many changes we will need to make to his apartment for his medical needs, including bars in his bathroom and a seat in his shower, not to mention the flight of stairs he’ll have to contend with.”

If you’d like to donate to Tom’s recovery or learn more about his story, please visit GoFundMe. Every little bit helps and you can always donate anonymously.

The family is also seeking services from anyone who is able to donate help related to renovating Tom’s apartment to suit his new challenges. Please contact the Milton Scene to inquire.

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