Milton Scene reviews The Bowery’s delicious menu

The Bowery Bar in Dorchester, MA
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Milton Scene reviews The Bowery’s delicious menu

The Bowery: excellent dining option for Milton residents

Milton Scene team member gives the scoop on this restaurant

By Shannon Silvia.

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Looking for the perfect place for a date night? Look no further than the Bowery, located in Boston, Massachusetts. With beautiful ambiance, outside and inside seating, and a large bar, this restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening out.

When it comes to food there is a variety of options for everyone. If seafood is your thing than look no further than the chippy: a whole white fish, which has been beer battered and fried served, with a side of tar tar sauce and crispy french fries. The buttery beer batter gives an irresistible crunch when you bite into it. And if fish isn’t your thing, then look no further than the yard bird: a chicken sandwich served on a brioche bun, finished with a nice touch of hot sauce and a heaping pile of coleslaw. The sandwich is plated with some crispy french fries that are sure to satisfy. The menu also offers meals like Mac and cheese with mix ins, like lobster, available. The variety of meal options is endless at The Bowery and I guarantee even the pickiest of eaters will be able to find something to munch on. The pricing on food isn’t too expensive, with dishes averaging around $15. And the food is undeniably worth every single penny spent!

And if you are hungry before dinner, then look no further than the appetizer menu. The meat and cheese dish is to die for. Kilbasha and Andouille sausage served with crackers, cheese dip, rye bread and bacon jam will feed a group of three perfectly. The meat and cheese isn’t too filling before dinner but has just enough to hold you over. The appetizer menu also has great options like nachos for kids.

When it comes to fans of alcohol, look no further than the bar. With a virtually endless menu you are sure to find something to sip on. Whether you are looking for a stiff drink or maybe something more fruity, no need to worry because the bar will have something sure to make your night all that much better! The Rye Tai, a spin on the traditional Mai Tai made with whiskey instead of tequila, is sure to please anyone who is looking to go the more adventurous route.

When it comes to ambiance this place is definitely perfect for a romantic date night. The dimly light dining room is perfect for the fall and winter but the outside seating is even better. If you plan on bringing a date I highly suggest visiting during the warmer months. The outside seating area is like taking a trip into a beautiful garden with fairy lights everywhere you look. Even with other diners around you the atmosphere will make it feel like it’s just the two of you, which is always a plus.

So if you are looking for a place to bring your date or maybe to go to have a few drinks with friends, then definitely check out the Bowery!

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