Facebook crash of 2019 quiets Milton Neighbors for majority of March 13

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Milton Neighbors Facebook crash of 2019 quiets Miltonians for majority of March 13

An attorney I know says he doesn’t like making major decisions or closing big deals on the 13th of any month. You may scoff but maybe Facebook should have picked a different day to make changes or run maintenance.

Facebook, Instagram, and its general family of apps were down for most of Wednesday.

For some users, this meant access to Facebook but inability to post anything.

For others, it meant an infinite spinning app wheel.

For Milton Neighbors Facebook group members, it meant most users could comment on posts, but not post anything new.

For this Milton Neighbors Admin, it meant several “why can’t I post?” private messages, and an inability to inform users of the issue until later in the evening of March 13th.

The outage lasted about 22 hours, according to this Wall Street Journal article.

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Twitter was safe and sound from the #FacebookDown crisis yesterday. Don’t forget to follow @miltonscene on Twitter!

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