MBTA to raise fares effective July 1, 2019

MBTA Charlie CardMBTA Charlie Card
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MBTA to raise fares effective July 1, 2019

Editor’s opinion: Well, this makes sense. They’ll need to charge more to make up for the 2,000 fewer people who can park in the lots and garages that are blown up in Quincy.

The following fares will remain the same:

  • Local bus one-way fare
  • Local bus monthly pass
  • Reduced one-way fares for local bus and subway (senior, TAP, youth, and student)
  • Reduced monthly passes (senior, TAP, youth, and student)

Most Common Fares and Passes – Changes / Increases

Local Bus, One-Way: $1.70 (no change)

Subway, One-Way: $2.25, will increase to $2.40

Monthly LinkPass: $84.50, will increase to $90.00

7-Day LinkPass: $21.25, will increase to $22.50

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