Milton pavement summary report now available

Milton pavement summary report
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Milton pavement summary report now available

Beta Group, Inc. inspected all 96 curb miles of the public roadways in Milton.

Their pavement summary report has given the Department of Public Works a detailed assessment of each segment in our Town.


The Town of Milton retained BETA Group, Inc. (BETA) to develop a Pavement Management Program (PMP) for its Town
maintained roadways. This comprehensive study was undertaken with the goal of establishing an extensive database of roadway
surface conditions in order to produce a prioritized list of improvements. The PMP is a planning tool intended to provide the
foundation to manage the Town’s roadway resources by combining professional engineering metrics with local institutional
knowledge. These efforts will result in the creation of a dynamic Capital Improvement Plan for the Town’s roadway network.

BETA and Town Staff will work together to identify goals with regard to roadway network condition. Based on these discussions, it
is clear that the Town is committed in maintaining and improving its roadway network.

View the comprehensive report and summary:

Pavement Summary (PDF)

Roadway Repair Segment_Description (PDF)

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