Larry Johnson announces candidacy for Town Meeting

Larry Johnson
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Larry Johnson announces candidacy for Town Meeting

Johnson to represent Precinct 4

My name is Larry Johnson and I respectfully request the votes of any Milton residents of Precinct Four as a candidate for Town Meeting Member. I’ve actually lived in Milton for almost exactly twenty years, which is officially longer than I originally lived in Plymouth where I grew up. I was a Town Meeting Member in Precinct One for two terms, but we moved recently to Dyer Ave in Precinct Four, which necessitated me giving up my old seat. I now seek to represent the residents of Precinct Four with the same dedication and enthusiasm that I represented Precinct One.

My wife Kim and I have two boys currently enrolled at the Tucker School, and have dedicated much of our time and energy to both the Tucker School and also our neighborhood and the town as a whole. I am a member of the Sign Review Committee for Milton, and also recently worked on the Ice House redevelopment committee. For a day job, I work as a manager of Cybersecurity Services at Tufts Health Plan, and hold a Bachelor’s in History from Northeastern University and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from UMass Boston.

When I moved to an apartment on Blue Hills Parkway in 1999, I quickly recognized what made this town special was that it was so welcoming to so many different types of people from so many different backgrounds. I feel that having lived at three different addresses as first a renter, then owner and parent of children in the public schools, I have the unique perspective required to represent the diverse constituency that makes up our electorate. With that in mind, please keep Larry Johnson in mind when you go to the polls on Tuesday, April 30th.

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