Melinda Collins announces re-election to Select Board

Melinda Collins
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Melinda Collins announces re-election to Select Board

Melinda Collins seeks to continue representing Milton on Select Board

First, I would like to thank all those who worked for my successful election in 2018, as well as all of you who voted for me. Your confidence in my abilities to learn, work hard, and be an effective leader have inspired me each day since I was elected last April. It has been an honor and privilege collaborating with my colleagues on the Select Board and our talented elected, appointed, and staff officials who are dedicated to serving our residents, keeping them safe, and continually improving our quality of life. I am also deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve, learn from, and work with our many residents, each of whom brings something special to our town.

In addition to administrative and other duties of a board member, during the past eight months I have worked on a number of additional projects. As the board’s Secretary, I monitor the production of minutes for public records purposes. I also serve on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee and as a trustee for the Affordable Housing Trust. As a member of the Finance Committee I have been working on financial policies to improve transparency, ensure that our sound budgeting and financial management practices continue, and maintain the AAA bond rating that allows the town to borrow funds at the most favorable rates for critical capital projects.

Creating and chairing Milton’s first Housing Committee has been my most rewarding experience. The Housing Committee has allowed the Select Board to bring together representatives from the Planning Department, Planning Board, Master Plan Implementation Committee, and the Affordable Housing Trust to work with industry leaders and regional municipal partners on issues regarding housing. These include needs for affordability, variety in our housing stock, and the intersection of housing with other forms of development in way that preserves the best of Milton’s character while improving the quality of life for all people.

All of this work has taken considerable time, energy, and dedication to acquire the knowledge and understanding about municipal government, individual topics and laws, and contacts needed to execute my duties faithfully and competently in the little time a one-year term affords. I respectfully ask you to place your trust in me again, and vote for my re-election this April 30, 2019 so that I may continue to serve you and help ensure the bright future of our town.

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