Wotiz Gallery Exhibit to be held in October

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Wotiz Gallery Exhibit to be held in October

The Wotiz Gallery Exhibit will feature the works of Jed Sutter

On October 17th, the Milton Public Library will host the work of artist Jed Sutter in the Wotiz Gallery.   This talented Milton resident, who is primarily self-taught, discovered an aptitude for composition, value, and hue in his mid-50s, having never picked up a paintbrush before then.  This has led to a semi-solo show, an excellence award, increasing demand for commissioned work in landscapes and portraiture, and a televised interview. He works mostly from source photos that either he or the client has taken, sometimes combining aspects of multiple photos in some cases, or from a single image in others.  This exhibit will show watermedia: urban landscapes, transportation, trolleys, and bridges. 

The artist says the following about his painting: “…I come from a family of artists.  For some reason, though, I did not try and learn how to paint until 2016.  I was in my mid-50s when I suddenly had the urge. Beginning to paint was like discovering I somehow already knew another language, or re-discovering one I had forgotten long ago…  My first 20 or so paintings over the following year were all acrylic. I painted them all on a variety of paper, canvas or panels……I painted primarily in gouache for most of 2018. Early this year an acquaintance suggested I try watercolor.  …Eventually I took up the challenge and have been painting mostly in watercolor this year.”  He also tells us: “Sometimes I go out and look for my subjects but mostly they find me…  I am in the process of painting the trolleys at or near each of the eight trolley stops, and also wherever the light captures one just right.  I am also taken by urban landscapes, as well as bridges in general and images such as the decaying infrastructure, bridges in need of repair in and around Boston.” 

There will be a free and open reception held in the Gallery on Wednesday, 10/2/19 from 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Please come, meet the artist, and view this great display from October 1-31. For more information or to learn about how to apply for an exhibit at the Library, contact Librarian Jean Hlady, Reference Dept, at (617) 698-5757, x. 3 or Email [email protected]   

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