Courageous Conversations event to be held October 5, 2019

Courageous conversations to offer active bystander training for racial justice.
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Courageous Conversations event to be held October 5, 2019

This month’s Courageous Conversations event will focus on racial justice.

This month’s Courageous Conversations towards Racial Justice will take place on Saturday, October 5 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at First Parish Church 535 Canton Ave in Milton. All are welcome to join the “Changing the Race Dance: A Day of Storytelling and Creative Engagement,” led by artist, activist, and musician Soyinka Rahim. Changing the Race Dance Facilitator, Soyinka Rahim, will guide us in breath, song, chant, movement and storytelling to celebrate the peace, joy, determination, and grace that lets us evolve with our personal and collective struggles. This workshop offers a context to deepen our understanding of experiences related to race and racism, strengthen ties to our larger communities, find the inner-authority and confidence to act, and celebrate the human experience. All are welcome. Any age. Any ability. Wear comfortable clothes. Soup and bread will be offered at lunch. A basket will be available for a freewill offering of any amount. For more information, visit

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