POLL RESULTS: When would you prefer Milton Public Schools students return to school?

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POLL RESULTS: When would you prefer Milton Public Schools students return to school?

Milton Public Schools students in grades 1-12 typically return to school on the last Wednesday in August. They then go to school again on Thursday. Friday is a teachers’ professional development day, and Monday is Labor Day. The students begin full weeks following Labor Day.

This year, the first day of school for Milton Public Schools in grades 1-12 was August 28, 2019.

We asked The Milton Scene readers if they like this schedule or if they prefer that students begin school after Labor Day.

Here are the poll results:

Before Labor Day: 27.5%

After Labor Day: 72.5%

Check out the MPS calendar here:


Here’s what poll takers had to say:

After Labor Day voters:

“I wonder if anything of value is accomplished in first two days of school; then a break.”

“Going back sooner breaks family plans and vacations. Labor day is a big time for travel.”

“The kids are able to ease back into the structured school environment and ensure they have everything they need to begin a positive and productive school year.”

“It’s technically still summer and some families still plan vacations that include Labor Day.”

“I think the teachers can have their professional days befrore the Labor Day Weekend, and the kids should start the Tuesday after Labor Day.”

“It does not make sense to make them go to school for just two days. Logistics are awful for just two days. If they were to go back to school after Labor Day, it would be ideal if summer camp was still available for that last week of August.”

“There is no real evidence to show that significant learning goes on in the last or first few weeks of school. Quality over quantity!”

“The students return to school on August 28th and have class for one more day, then they are off until after Labor Day. I see this as pointless.”

“Summer is short enough! Its too hot! They aren’t focused!”

“The early start impacts the sports practices too. It really shortens the opportunity to vacation in August!”

“In my district when Labor day is early in September we start after. When it comes late we start before. Teachers actually vote on this every two years.”

“Prefer fewer days off so that they can get out of school earlier in June.”

“I would like to see the professional development days teachers have during the school-year happen during those first 2 days. If kids start after Labor Day, they don’t lose first day of school momentum by immediately having a 4 day weekend, and less prof dev days during the year that Milton parents need to scramble to get childcare for.”

“Makes no sense to break a holiday opportunity for working parents…last real weekend of summer is Labor Day long one….”

“Eliminate religious holidays and send the kids back to our public schools after Labor Day!”

Before Labor Day voters:

“I would rather they get out early in June and ease into the school year.”

“Short weeks to start, earlier out at the end!”

“Nice to have a family weekend again.”

“Because I don’t return to work myself until after labor day and it allows me to be available to drop off and pick up my kids the first day of school.”

“I’m happy for them to start before Labor Day but I’d prefer the teacher PD day is before kids start so when they do start, they don’t immediately have a day off after.”

“With snow as a factor EVERY Year; Milton is fortunate to get their students out mid-June.”

“Nice to ease into the school year and kids get their schedules.”

“Early start, early finish. Plus the long weekend is a nice transitional break before things really get going.”


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