Top Milton Neighbors posts for December 2019

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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Top  Milton Neighbors posts for December 2019

Just in case you missed them, we’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. December 1, 2019: Evacuation slide falls from sky

“As I was talking to my neighbor an enormous “thing” appeared in the middle of his lawn with a huge whoosh and bang. Boeing is stamped on the side of it and it appears to be, maybe, part of an escape chute that has fallen off a plane. We are so lucky it missed us and our houses, etc. It’s very heavy.”

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2. December 12, 2019: Milton man had unlicensed guns, illegal silencers

“Posting in the interest of public safety. This is pretty terrifying.”

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3. November 27, 2019: Ice House property proposal

“So sorry to see that the Ice house property is going to be condos only. What a perfect opportunity for a little community . Too bad it can’t be both! Lucky I can walk to East Milton Square.. so sorry for the west side of town.?”

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4. December 4, 2019: Business no longer selling bottled water

“I wish Milton businesses would do this. Think of the environmental impact they would make. ?”

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5. December 3, 2019: Sunset photo

“Another gorgeous sky in Milton this afternoon. I am drawn to them!”

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6. December 4, 2019: Video of MHS students

“An incredible performance by the Milton High School mixed chorus singing of the National Anthem at tonights Celtic’s game!”

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7. December 1, 2019: Post from Select Board Chair Mike Zullas regarding evacuation slide that feel from plane

“Edit to include context: this is in response the the evacuation slide (and its nitrous oxide containers) that fell out of an airplane and onto the lawn of a Milton resident on Dec 1.”

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8. December 12, 2019: Steak house recommendations

“Looking for recommendations for a great steak house in Boston area to celebrate my husband’s birthday next week. Thanks in advance.”

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9. December 6, 2019: Photo of car blocking resident’s driveway

“Good attempt but you didn’t make it. Please do not park and block residents driveways. This is illegal.”

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