4 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

4 tips to beat the winter blues from R3bilt
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4 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

1. Be active.

Activity keeps our systems and hormones moving in the right direction, and is crucial for both physical and mental health. R3Bilt offers a unique strength training program along with mobility and trampolines!

2. Find the light.

Not as easy to do in the winter months but R3Bilt has a variety of light therapies that can help reduce inflammation and promote skin purifications & collagen production.

3. Stay hydrated.

Water fuels vital organs including the brain to enhance function. Water also helps absorb nutrients and flush toxins.

4. Feel connected.

Put down the devices and seek out humans. Human connection has profound benefits to our health and overall wellness.

R3BILT is hosting “2020 Choose to Lose” Whole Life Challenge team and we want YOU to play with us!

This isn’t just any “challenge.” 2020 Choose to Lose Whole Life Challenge is a program that focuses on 7 Daily Habits: Nutrition, Exercise, Mobility, Hydration, Sleep, Well-Being, and Reflection.

By participating in the Challenge, you will take on practices that might not be part of your current routine. You’ll open your mind to new concepts of health, wellness, and fitness.

You’ll experience the “big picture” when it comes to how you feel and perform.It will be a challenge, but also an exploration and (for those who make it to the end) an accomplishment.

Here’s how to join our 2020 Choose to Lose Whole Life Challenge Team:

Go to https://r3bilt.com, hover over the ‘events’ tab, choose the member/non-member challenge tab and submit your registration.

R3BILT is a small group, one hour fitness recovery-based class designed to rebuild muscle and function, recover the whole body, and bio-individually reverse the natural aging process- all in our efficient science-based class. Fountain of youth fitness! Work out smarter!! 

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