POLL RESULTS: Town Opinion split on East Milton deck hangout area

What do you think of the East Milton deck hangout area?
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POLL RESULTS: What do you think of the East Milton deck hangout area?

Milton parent and resident Sean Roche has invested his own time and money in his goal to turn the dilapidated East Milton deck area into a recreational hangout spot for residents.

He’s donated seating, a large chess game, ping pong table, and more.

We asked readers of The Milton Scene, What do you think of the new hangout spot? 

The town appears to be split. Here are the results:

I like it: 49%

Not a fan: 51%

What participants had to say:

“Love that he cares and that he took time and initiative. But after all it s a road and should go back to being a road. It s not an ideal spot for hanging out. Its best purpose is to be opened back up and driven on.”

“It would be nice for the town to continue to build on the engraved sense of community this has brought with it.”

“I think it is great that a single citizen has taken some action to improve the use and attraction of an area our politicians have not been able to solve for 25 yrs. Hopefully it is not a permanent solution to this ugly space but in the meantime it is great.”

“Why oh why can’t the traffic flow be fixed? Straight across the “hangout area” removing that awful merge across from Dependable Cleaners.

“Does not matter because MassDOT has a bid out next week… 4 million to redo deck and all connecting streets. Work to start in spring with the low bidder.”

“Waste of space. Wish they would open up the area to help ease traffic.”

“Too near traffic and noxious fumes.”

“Kudos to the person who initiated this new use of the area.”

“Definitely an improvement aesthetically. There initially seemed to be a bit of a buzz surrounding it early fall. But sadly it has been underutilized in my opinion. It’s like rearranging the deck furniture on a sinking cruise line. Nice to look at initially but destined to go under water. More needs to be done. I applaud and respect Sean’s sincere desire and effort to do SOMETHING with that space. Perhaps more collaboration can happen. It’s sad and frustrating to see a local resident take on this task when the town should do something instead of reports, walk throughs, hiring “experts,” etc.

“I wouldn’t feel safe with my family handing out in the middle of a busy Intersection. Hard pass.”

“It appears to be intended for children. If so, having a playground in the middle of a high traffic area does not make sense, but I applaud his efforts to do something with the area.”

“Open Adams St back up.”

“We used it a lot and my 3 year old had a blast.”

“Not a bad idea and better than what was there previously but until and unless the pedestrian and bike access is made easier and safer. This is an accident waiting to happen IMO.”

“It seemed a perfect experiment to gauge interaction. Perhaps in the future there can be nicer seats/tables and planters to give it a nicer look and feel!”

“Provides young people a place to meet and have fun (in plain site) in a location otherwise unused!”

“I love seeing people hang out there! Food trucks on the weekends would be awesome In the summer!!! So much could be added!”

“The town should devote some resources to fix up the sidewalks and add more activities.”

“Anything that is an attempt to get people to meet/talk works for me!”

“It’s crazy having kids play in a dangerous place with car fumes. So untidy looking. Kids in and out of the truck. Stupid idea!!”

“As much as they are trying to make this area a park and gathering space it does not work. Granite Avenue and the surrounding streets are too busy to safely get to this space on foot. The logical solution would be to open up Adams Street again to traffic in both directions and to gain back the parking spaces taken away when the street was closed.”

“It is important to keep the park primarily for improvement in air quality!”

“I believe the residents would be better off if Adams St were reopened.”

“I would love to see the town invest money into landscaping. I think this has the potential to be even better!”

“I saw all ages enjoying it. The large chess game was cool. I have seen large connect four games and corn hole games in resorts. Why not the open space in the square? If they won’t allow traffic or decent parking..fix it into a hangout space.”

“It’s better than nothing.”

“We need more parking in the square. I have seen the homeless man everyone is talking about in the square sleeping on the front steps of Bruegger’s around 4:50 am before the gym opens and am afraid this park could turn into the problem Quincy center now has with all of the homeless people.”

“Not the place for a playground or a park. Fix the traffic problem in East Milton! Thanks Sean for your efforts.”

“Bring back the antique truck!”

“I so very much applaud Sean. The concept of a recreational ‘hang out’ is a good one but I don’t see it catching in this location.”

“I think the concept should be incorporated into the new deck renovation with commercial/public park grade equipment.”

“I wish they would paint hop scotch and 4 square on the Adams St. section. They should build a nice wooden shed to store the chairs. It is nice to see the area used. Maybe the MHS band could play for little kids or the elderly? It is an improvement!”

“Waste of money and functionality. Open ADAMS street and alleviate the traffic nightmare.”

“The place is too noisy and traffic is too high (air contamination) so it is impossible to enjoy this deck.”

“Would like it used for parking.”

“Open the road back up like it was 20 years ago! If men landed on the moon this road CAN and SHOULD be open back up! Enough of the nonsense.”

“It is a really good use of this otherwise useless ‘park’.”

“That park was an eyesore and a wasteland. I am happy to see it transformed into a fun space and applaud the transformation.”

“They should flood it and make it an ice skating rink in the winter.”

“I think it is a waste of space. Who wants to “play” above the Expressway? Dumb idea. Just open it up again so Adams Street is a linear route.”

“I love the idea, I think the execution needs some support – maybe a storage shed for the games. My middle school aged kids love it.”

“I think itis a good concept but an awkward spot. The traffic noise and fumes and the busy highway is a turn off.”

“Using that deck for any person is dangerous to their health. Many studies show that exhaust from heavy traffic contains ultra fine particulates and other cancer causing components. Parking is the only things it should be used for and maybe a visual area with trees and plantings that look nice from afar (though I question whether trees and plants could survive the exhaust either).”

“An amazing place for all families! We enjoyed it so much this past summer.”


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