Milton Public Library presents: Adult felting craft workshop

Milton Public Library
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Milton Public Library presents: adult felting craft workshop

On Tuesday, 6/9 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., local artist Annie Lavigne is back to guide you online via Zoom through the process of making a beautiful “Wet Felted Bowl.” To make this lovely craft at home with her guidance, you will need to purchase the following materials to have on hand at home:

  • Towel – hand towel size or larger. This will absorb excess water.
  • Merino wool roving, 30 grams— Choose any color(s) you’d like.
  • Bubble wrap, with small bubbles, 2 pieces approx 45cm x 45cm each (18″ x 18″)
  • Tutu net, or any kind of netting-like fabric that will allow water through while holding the wool in place.
  • Rolling mat – a bamboo blind with the fittings removed works well, or a sushi mat, or even a non-slip pad (like you use under a rug or in a cabinet). This will be used to roll/agitate the wool so that it binds together and makes felt.
  • Water sprayer – you can put a little bit of dish soap in this to make it soapy. Or if you don’t want your bottle to get soapy, you can skip the soap.
  • Bar of Soap – or a piece of soap.
  • Pliable plastic – cut to a circle 6″ in diameter. This creates a form. It can be any kind of flexible plastic you can find around the house. Thick acetate sheets work. I can’t be too flimsy.

Please have all materials ready on a table for the start of the class. You can either sit or stand to make the bowl.

This is a simple project which does not require too many purchases and it is appropriate for adults and anyone over the age of 12. It will be about one hour in length and our instructor, Annie Lavigne is a talented artist who showed her colorful and fun work in our Wotiz Gallery last November. Ms. Lavigne not only paints, but she also creates soft sculpture. Her art depicts animals, people, objects and more, and is a delight to see! She also works with animation and felt pieces, 2D artwork, and framed digital illustrations as well as some mixed media ones. Annie is the founder of Harriet and Mickey, Inc, a creative studio focused on storytelling through illustration, writing, and animation.

Registration is required; Zoom connection information will be sent to you on the day of the program. If you are using an iPad or phone, you should first download the Zoom app to participate but you do not have to have your own Zom account to participate. The program is kindly sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library.

Please sign up and enjoy a craft with us in June!

You can register here!

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