Town Planning Board request for Volunteers

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Town Planning Board request for Volunteers

The Town Planning Board seeks Milton residents with an interest in participating in the East Milton Square Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will work with consultant Judi Barrett, the current five-member East Milton Square Steering Committee, and other stakeholders to envision the future of East Milton Square. The consultant and her team suggest that the new steering committee volunteers fit into one or more of the following:

  • Young parents, empty nesters, retirees, teens, and young adults, and renters living in East Milton Square
  • Local clergy and an employee or board member of non-profit organizations based in East Milton
  • People who work for a business in East Milton (regardless of where the person lives)
  • Business owners or building owners; “mom & pop” as well as corporate
  • Social or environmental activist

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Planning Department by calling or emailing the contacts below.

Bill Clark:


[email protected]

Allyson Quinn:


[email protected]

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