Top Milton therapist warns: US Hospitals to be overcrowded for the wrong reason

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Top Milton therapist warns: US Hospitals to be overcrowded for the wrong reason

Researchers from the Qualcomm Institute at the University of California released a study which examined internet searches indicative of acute anxiety during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boston-based therapist Sam Nabil, founder of Naya Clinics, warns that US hospitals will be overcrowded during the fall and winter as patients mistake anxiety-related symptoms with having contracted the Coronavirus.

Sam Nabil says: “There is an overlap in the symptoms between an anxiety attack and the Coronavirus, such as shortness of breath.”

Several months ago, Naya Clinics started offering online anxiety counseling services. According to Mr Nabil, many clients reported symptoms to their online counselor that led them to believe that they had contracted the virus. Some of the clients were so panicked that they sought help at local hospitals.

Sam Nabil warns: “The study from the University of California indicates that people are very worried and misinformed. The flu-season will add to that fear and create a dangerous cocktail, resulting in many hospitals being overcrowded and at the brink of collapse.”

The solution is to first control the effects of anxiety and see if anxiety symptoms persist. For example, if one experiences tightness of the chest, do some breathing exercises and meditation, take a walk, and enjoy a bath.

The second line of defense is to jump on a video call with a therapist and see if a counseling session can reduce the anxiety ( and chest pain ). If the chest still feels off after that then get on a telemedicine call with a primary care physician, and if all that does not resolve your symptoms, then consider going to the hospital.

About Naya Clinics:

Naya Clinics Founder Sam Nabil pioneered Positive Existential Therapy (PET).Positive Existential Therapy merges the deep insights, humanity and wisdom of existential psychotherapy, with carefully curated and clinically tested elements of positive psychology. Our innovative and avant garde counseling approach is born of our new circumstances and conditions, and provides a modern approach to therapy in the 21st century. PET was developed to effectively deal with client challenges that were no longer responding to outdated counseling techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy.

About Sam Nabil:

Sam Nabil is the founder of Naya Clinics and is a Boston therapist and a Boston Marriage Counselor.

Sam offers therapy in Boston and Boston Marriage Counseling for adults suffering from relationship challenges, life transitions and anxiety.

Sam was featured in many prestigious publications. Check out his interview with Aljazeera English and Cornell university, Yahoo News, USA Today,

He resides in Milton MA with his wife and daughter.

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