Milton Police Log: January 15 – January 22, 2021

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: January 15 – January 22, 2021

01/15/2021 10:53 QUENTIN STREET Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports credit card fraud. See report.

01/15/2021 11:34 CANTON AVENUE / BLUE HILL AVENUE Accident – P/D

911 caller reports a motor vehicle accident. Ma reg 4CY678 and Com N49673. Officer assisted in a paper exchange.

01/15/2021 14:18 ANTWERP STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Party walked into the station to speak to an Officer in regards to an ongoing neighbor disturbance. Officer will write reports next tour of duty.

01/15/2021 14:55 BROOK ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports youths playing hockey. Officer advised two youths the rink was closed. Park department notified for closed signs.

01/15/2021 15:43 CYPRESS ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported threatening emails. See report.

01/15/2021 16:06 FRANKLIN STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reported SP vehicles in the parking lot by the dumpster. Officer reported the vehicles parked in the lot as MA reg 9VR518 and MA reg 64SC36. Officer reported the vehicles checked out. Officer spoke with the caller who was upset with vehicles parking in the private lot and the vehicles were advised.

01/15/2021 16:41 BLUE HILL AVENUE Larceny

Walk in party reports fraud. See report.

01/15/2021 18:55 GRANITE AVENUE Assist Other Departments

Boston PD reported MA reg 2GCK44 was involved in a shooting in their city and possibly was in the above area. Officers searched the surrounding areas as well as Milton Hospital with negaitve results.

01/15/2021 19:04 GRANITE AVENUE / COURTLAND CIRCLE Assist Other Departments

Officer reported a State Trooper was involved in an accident in the above area. Officers assisted with traffic. State Polie handled.

01/15/2021 23:03 WOLCOTT ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a gray sedan has been in the parking lot for a long period of time. Officer reports MA reg 142S80 was unoccupied and nobody was in the area.

01/16/2021 01:16 WOLCOTT ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the above area. Officer reported they searched the area and surrounding area with negative results. Call unfounded.

01/16/2021 12:45 HOUSTON AVENUE Suspicious Activity

911 Caller reports a customer refused to put a mask on inside the store. See report.

01/16/2021 12:49 GRANITE AVENUE Accident – H&R

911 Caller reports a hit and run. Officer reports MA comm reg V85040 as the vehicle involved. See report.

01/16/2021 14:40 LONGMEADOW ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller reports injured skunk in the area. Officer searched area with negative results.

01/16/2021 14:59 CENTRAL AVENUE / BROOK ROAD Accident – P/D

911 caller reports MVA, no injuries. Officer reports MA reg 5KA996 and 1REF84 were vehicles involved. See report.

01/16/2021 15:15 REEDSDALE ROAD Suspicious Activity

Officer reports she was flagged down by party to report glass smashed in driveway. Officer will write report on next tour of duty.

01/16/2021 15:35 LONGMEADOW ROAD / PINE HURST DRIVE Animal Complaint

Caller reports an injured skunk. Officer says he will monitor it. Officer reports skunk hasn’t made it far and will go back to determine if it needs to be put down.

01/16/2021 23:18 BLUE HILL TERR ST / CROWN STREET Neighbor Disturbance

911 caller reports noise complaints. Caller was calling from Hudson Street and heard screaming from Blue Hill Terrace. Officers said things were quiet.

01/17/2021 06:46 REEDSDALE ROAD Assist Other Departments

Canton PD reports they may need assistance with a possibly erratic party. Officer reports no officer on site. Canton PD reports a miscommunication they are in Brockton.

01/17/2021 09:26 BROOK ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Anonymous caller reports youths playing on the closed skating rink. Officer reports father and son were at the rink and left the area.

01/17/2021 09:55 HIGHLAND STREET Animal Complaint

Walk in party found a dog. Owner was contacted and picked the dog up at the station.

01/17/2021 15:48 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a male party riding on a bicycle while having another bicycle in his hand. Officer reports he bought the bicycle and was
bringing it to Fenway.

01/17/2021 23:28 BROOK ROAD Accident – P/D

Caller reports a MVA. Officer reports MA reg 1KNB39. Auto service and tire notified.

01/18/2021 01:32 WHITTIER ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a group of male parties outside his home and ran away once he turned on the lights. Officer reports they searched the area with negative results.

01/18/2021 07:44 PARKWAY CRESCENT Suspicious Activity

Caller Reports suspicious female in a grey ford. Officer Reports the plate as MA REG 7YB113. Officer reports the female pulled over to take a rest and her friend picked her up in MA Reg 3HNR21. The vehicle will be parked at the above address. See person screen.

01/18/2021 08:49 PLEASANT STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller Reports construction crew working before 10 am on a holiday.Officer Reports the crew was notified of the town by law.

01/18/2021 11:36 MELBOURNE ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller reports she found a small brown dog with a blue collar and no tags. Caller was able to bring the dog to the animal shelter. Message left for the ACO.

01/18/2021 13:22 LAWNDALE ROAD Items – Lost-Missing

Caller reports his flag pole is missing. See report.

01/18/2021 15:19 PARK STREET Larceny

Caller reports he fell for an online scam. See report.

01/18/2021 16:36 CAPEN STREET Robbery

911 caller reported her friend had his shoes and air pods taken from him at Shields Park. Detectives notified. See report for particulars.

01/18/2021 17:45 93 SOUTH / EXIT 4 Assist Other Departments

911 caller reports a MVA. Fallon and State PD notified. Fallon reports Randolph Fire handling.

01/18/2021 18:08 ALLEN CIRCLE Suspicious Activity

Caller reported someone possibly had broken into her basement. Officer’s searched the home with no signs of force entry or disturbance. Caller satisfied.

01/19/2021 06:40 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY Suspicious Activity

911 Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding a minor altercation. Officer reported the caller got into a verbal argument with a unknown party in a white sedan over loud music. The party left the area, caller advised to call if the party returned.

01/19/2021 13:13 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY / BROOK ROAD Other MV Violations

Officer reports a motor vehicle stop with MA Reg 9TG329, Auto Service and Tire notified for one tow. See report.

01/19/2021 15:45 BELCHER CIRCLE Youth/Disturbance

Caller reported youths were playing basketball in violation of park rules. Officer reported the youths were riding bicycles not playing basketball and were advised to leave the court.

01/19/2021 23:43 GRANITE AVENUE / THISTLE AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports an SP vehicle in the area. Officer reports the vehicle was not there prior to his arrival.

01/20/2021 01:52 BELVOIR ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports loud music in the area. Officer reports the party in question was in his vehicle listening to music and will put the volume down.

01/20/2021 02:16 COLUMBIA PARK Stolen MV Recovered

State PD reports a stolen vehicle (MA reg 5RVZ40) heading NB on Rt 138 into our town. Officer located vehicle on Brook Rd a short time later. The operator of the vehicle turned onto Columbia Pk and then fled on foot. Officers searched area along with Boston PD and MSP K9 units with negative results. Passengers FIO’d and released. The vehicle was entered into LEAPS as located. Lexington PD notified.

01/20/2021 10:28 CENTRAL AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Officer on patrol was approached about a SP party in the neighborhood asking about recent home break ins. See report.

01/20/2021 15:55 ELIOT STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports on going issue with neighbor. See report.

01/20/2021 17:22 TRURO LANE Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports an occupied SP vehicle parked in front of house. Officer reported the vehicle as ME reg CR4646N. Officer spoke with the party who was working in the area as a private investigator. Officer advised the party to check in with the police department in the future.

01/20/2021 20:48 AMOR ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

911 Caller reported loud music in the area. Officer reported it was coming from the above address and the party agreed to turn the music down for the evening.

01/21/2021 12:15 CANTON AVENUE Accident – P/D

Fire reports a MVA. Fallon notified. Officer reports MA REG 6520ZC and MA REG 1SBT57. Auto Service and Tire notified for one tow.

01/21/2021 17:12 HARLAND STREET Breaking & Entering

Caller Reports Suspicious Activity around her house. See report.

01/21/2021 17:50 PRINCE STREET Items – Lost-Missing

Walk In party reports he lost his wallet in a taxi. Party will check with the taxi company to see if they found his wallet.

01/21/2021 20:10 BLUE HILL AVENUE / MILTON STREET WEST Accident – P/D

911 Caller reports a motor vehicle accident with no injuries. Officer requests tow for one of the vehicles. First plate was 2PWF54. Second plate was 2FWH54. See report.

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